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Projects delivered by Alan Caldwell Associates

Comrie Development Trust – an example for rural communities across the country

Alan is a volunteer board member on the Comrie Development Trust who are fast gaining a national reputation for their Comrie Carbon Challenge project and the sustainable development of 96 acres of land on the edge of their village at Cultybraggan. See theTrust's website for a wealth of detail and guidance from the Comrie Development Trust. Below is a short film that tells the story of how the community of Comrie in rural Perthshire is looking to reduce its carbon footprint.

At the start of the 21st century, we believe that every community needs to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. We need to look at how we become more self-sufficient; how we move about; how we provide energy and food; how we provide workspace for people who can fix things; how we entertain ourselves, stay healthy and look after each other.In other words, how we build a resilient community.  The Comrie Development Trust is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status established in July 2006. Our aim is to promote the sustainable development of our village for the benefit of local people, groups and businesses and build a resilient community to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  In just over 3 short years the Trust has:

  • Built a membership of well over 600 folk (one third of those eligible to join).
  • Secured over £500,000 to fund our Comrie Carbon Challenge project that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of our village.
  • Undertaken a ‘Street by street energy audit and insulation programme’.
  • Run a ‘Zero Waste Fortnight’ with our partners, Perth & Kinross Council.
  • Commissioned feasibility work on renewable energy projects for our community.
  • Supported local groups and businesses.
  • Advanced community projects ranging from drama workshops to a skateboard park and a local history project.
  • Established the Comrie Cinema Club
  • Purchased 96 acres of land on the edge of our village using the community right to buy legislation in the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.
  • Built relationships with a wide range of financial partners in the public, private and charitable sectors. We are an entrepreneurial community raising both grant and loan investment for our community.
  • Featured in the Development Trust Association for Scotland’s publication ‘Inspiring Change’.
  • Established the Comrie Foundation to attract local and national investment and donations for the long-term benefit of the village
  • Held music events to celebrate progress and have a good time.

Advancing the sustainable development of Cultybraggan we have:

  • Raised £350,000 to purchase the camp
  • Secured planning permission and building warrants for stage 1 development (allotments, the use of the Mess as a catering unit (10,000 sq ft) and the upgrade of 9 nissen huts for 12 workspace units)
  • Raised £450,000 to complete the new infrastructure works and building improvement (water, electricity, telecoms, drainage, street lighting, refurbishments to officers mess and upgrade of 9 nissen huts to 12 work units)
  • Ensured that the £450 000 contract has been completed within budget
  • Contracted over 90% of the stage 1 development work to local businesses
  • Created a local caretakers job
  • Created 30 allotments for the village, which opened in April 2009
  • Managed the 96 acres of land (vermin control, grass cutting etc)
  • Marketed the refurbished huts (first tenant for a nissen hut moved in at the end of September and interest on six others at present).
  • Issued a ‘Development Prospectus’ and begun marketing the site to attract appropriate partners and tenants
  • Started to progress discussions on longer-term plans for the camp to present to the village.
  • Held regular ‘funders meetings’ with our financial backers.
  • Published a business plan with 5 year cash flows for Cultybraggan and the Trust in December 2008