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Services provided by Alan Caldwell Associates

Community Engagement

We know how communities work! We believe local people must be actively involved in determining their future. We help communities and their partners to involve people, plan effectively and organise themselves to make things happen. We help to plan and deliver exciting workshops, seminars and conferences that enthuse and deliver great results.

"Alan and his associates managed to successfully plan and deliver a fantastic full day workshop and seminar sessions for 150 people at the Climate Challenge Fund. Feedback from delegates praised the structure, intelligence and productiveness of the day." David Gunn, Manager, ClimateChallenge Fund, Keep Scotland Beautiful

Community Action Planning

  • Working alongside local communities to get them ready to plan
  • Helping communities to prepare well thought through plans for their future
  • Helping to create local organisations and partnerships to implement their plans
  • Providing ongoing advice and support

Community Consultation and Participation

  • Planning and running workshops seminars and conferences
  • Helping organisations consult local communities
  • Building consensus within communities
  • Involving hard to reach groups.

Local Economic Development

  • Understanding the local economy and how it works
  • Preparing strategies to strengthen the local economy
  • Involving the business community

Project Development and Assessment

  • Developing project ideas
  • Undertaking feasibility work
  • Assessing the viability of projects